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    If you’ve recently moved into a new home, one of the first things you should do is to change the locks.

    That’s because the previous owners might still have a key to the house.

    And, you never know who else has a key to your front door.

    So, to prevent unauthorized entry in your home, change your door locks as soon as possible.

    If you need a lock change service in Oakville, we will gladly be of help.

    Our team at Oakville Locksmith Solutions is composed of expert residential locksmiths.

    We can install, repair, and replace your locks to ensure that you have the utmost home security you need.

    Call us now, and say hello to your new locks.

    Rekeying or Lock Change, Which is Better?

    Changing locks is a security measure that you should not overlook.

    However, it may not be necessary, and rekeying may suffice.

    When you change locks, you need to purchase a new hardware to replace the old one.

    That means that you will have a new lock and key set.

    On the other hand, rekeying only entails changing the old lock pins.

    While both are fool-proof security measures, changing your locks is more expensive than rekeying.

    Rekeying is the more affordable option if:

    • You’ve recently moved into your new place, and you don’t want the previous owners to have access to your home.
    • A roommate moved out.
    • You’ve lost a copy of your key, and you’re afraid someone may find it and enter your home.
    • You want all the locks in your home with the same brand or keyhole to be opened by a single key.

    When Should You Change Locks?

    Since changing locks is more expensive than rekeying, you should opt for it if rekeying is not applicable.

    Your existing lock is broken.

    One reason why your lock is broken is heavy impact.

    You may have closed your door too strongly that the locks have been damaged.

    Another reason for a broken lock is that it’s old and dilapidated.

    In the case of a worn out lock, you have no other choice but to replace it with a new one.

    Change your damaged locks immediately to avoid compromising your security.

    You want to upgrade.

    The main purpose of a lock change service is to strengthen the security in your property.

    You may want to replace your outdated locks with a newer smart lock system with more security features.

    Aside from this, you may also want to change locks for aesthetic purposes.

    If you’ve renovated your house and changed its style, you may also change the locks so that it’s coherent with your home’s design.

    You want a single key to open the locks in your house.

    If your locks have varying brands, and you want to operate them using the same key, then you should change your locks so that they have the same brand.

    You had a recent break-in incident.

    It can be traumatizing if there has been a break-in in your property.

    Most burglaries are a result of opportunity.

    The intruder may have found a copy of your key under your mat or elsewhere, and decided to force their way into your home.

    It’s also possible that the trespasser smashed your door or window locks to gain entry to your house.

    Regardless of the scenario, you should immediately change your locks and choose one that is more secure.

    Why Should You Hire Us For Your Lock Change Needs?

    Changing your locks on your own is confusing and difficult.

    If you don’t have the required skills and knowledge to perform lock change service, you may end up risking the security of your property.

    If you live in Oakville, you should just call us if you need lock change and other locksmith services.

    As your most reliable locksmith company, we guarantee you that our keys, locks, and locksmith services are quality.

    Our team of certified locksmiths are carefully vetted and trustworthy.

    You can trust us to strengthen your security and safety.

    We also offer 24/7 emergency locksmith services, so you can contact us anytime, even after work hours.

    Our team will be happy to provide you with same-day locksmith solutions.

    Call Oakville Locksmith Solutions now for your residential and commercial locksmith needs.

    We also offer auto locksmith services if your car key isn’t working.

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