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    Finding yourself or your loved ones locked out of your house in Oakville is never fun.

    It is natural to feel irritated or angry when you accidentally locked yourself out.

    But, it is a common problem that many homeowners experience.

    People normally misplace their keys when they get distracted.

    In this article, we will explain to you the different locksmith tips and tricks that might help you.

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    Figure out the condition of your lock

    Normally, grubby types of locks will take longer to handle.

    Old locks are more troublesome, even for expert locksmiths.

    That’s because dirt and dust will settle into the key’s mechanism over time.

    Old locks have appliances called tumblers, a mechanism that is found in barrel locks.

    Tumblers use an uneven length of pins to make sure they won’t open without the correct key.

    Some people try to pick a lock, even though they don’t know how it works.

    So, before you try to pick any lock, consider how long it has been around and what type of lock it is.

    Another factor that affects the condition of your lock is the weather.

    Temperature and humidity both have different effects on the state of your lock.

    Change Your Locks When You Move Into A New House

    When you move into your new home, safety and security should always be your first concern.

    Former owners of your house are likely to still have a copy of the key to your place.

    So, to prevent them from accessing your home, we recommended that you replace or rekey the locks upon purchasing your new home.

    Simply put, you need to change the locks if you don’t want strangers to have access to your house.

    Choose Between Replacing vs Rekeying Your Locks

    Changing your locks is more difficult and expensive.

    Replacing locks means changing the whole locking system with another model.

    If you feel that the current lock is not reliable anymore, then replacing the lock is your option.

    However, if you still have a reliable lock but you’re afraid that the previous owners have extra keys, rekeying is recommended.

    When a lock has been rekeyed, the tumbler is altered to allow another key to operate it.

    After a lock has been rekeyed, a new key must be used, and the old one will no longer be usable.

    Regardless of whether you choose to rekey or change locks, it is advisable to contact a professional locksmith.

    Invest For The Best Lock

    We all know how practical and effective deadbolts can be.

    However, we should look beyond them and do more research.

    Installing double cylinder deadbolts will work on your entry doors.

    A double cylinder deadbolt requires a key to unlock both sides of the door.

    Additionally, it offers a high level of security.

    Assuming a thief broke the glass in your door, they would still need another key to unlock the door.

    Always Put Your Keys In A Safe place

    Many home burglaries are crimes of opportunity.

    Criminals will try to enter the front or the back door if they saw the chance to.

    Generally, people who are expert in stealing keys and breaking into houses will more likely know the whereabouts of your keys.

    Burglars will tend to go for your mats and bedroom floors.

    So basically, avoid those places and keep your keys more than 15 feet away from your house.

    Look For The Best Locksmith

    Locks are the first layer of your home security.

    An exceptional lock keeps your home secure from burglars.

    Therefore, you must get the services of an expert locksmith.

    You have to find a professional locksmith that can teach you the best locksmith tips and tricks.

    Additionally, choose trained professionals over those with only months in the field.


    Always remember that defective locks can make your home vulnerable to burglars and intrusion.

    Therefore, you should always check on your locks to prevent any unauthorized entry.

    In case you want to replace your locks, you can contact Oakville Locksmith Solution.

    We offer commercial and residential locksmith services in Oakville.

    We also offer auto locksmith services for your car.

    Book a locksmith service with us now!

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