Most Common Door Lock Problems

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    As you have learned, you should always know never to underestimate the problem no matter how little it may be.

    For example, door locks are small, but they are your most prominent and first line of defense for your safety and security.

    However, door lock problems also pop up unexpectedly, and it is something that everyone who owns a house, business, or establishment has to deal with it.

    We are in contact with our doors every day and use them constantly, but we don’t often notice them.

    The door locks break after a while and cause the door to be locked in its place, making it a big problem, especially when it is entirely random, and you are experiencing it at an inconvenience.

    Unfortunately, we don’t call locksmiths until it happens when it is already too late, and by ignoring our doors, we may be facing some severe consequences that it will bring in the future.

    But for us here at Oakville Locksmith Solutions, we want to help you avoid unnecessary costs that your doors may bring.

    This article will tell you the most common door lock problems are and what solutions we can offer.

    Door is Distorted

    Your doors may become distorted due to heat and weather conditions.

    However, distorted doors are relatively easy to fix, and our residential locksmith at Oakville Locksmith Solutions can help you with that.

    So don’t hesitate to contact us.

    Door Mechanism is Faulty

    Most door lock problems are because of the mechanism inside your door lock wearing off, and as time goes by, it becomes faulty.

    Whether you believe it or not, either using them constantly or not both lead to your door lock’s mechanisms becoming stuck or defective.

    The non-maintenance of your old door locks may be problematic already, and it can still break randomly when you are not expecting it.

    Therefore you should leave the mechanical problems of your door locks to our residential locksmith at Oakville Locksmith Solutions.

    Door Doesn’t Lock When Key Is Turned.

    This problem is almost always caused by the mechanical failure of your door lock when little bits and pieces of the door’s mechanism may have fallen.

    That is what causes your door to be unable to lock.

    Unless you are confident in your knowledge of how a door mechanism works, you should refrain from further tampering with your door locks.

    We advise that you consult with one of our residential locksmiths in Oakville to avoid further damage to your door locks.

    Door Doesn’t Turn, and Key Is Stuck.

    Most of you experience this when you try to force your key when inserting it in the keyhole of your door lock.

    But what you should be doing instead is first to remove the key and try again.

    We understand that sometimes you are in a hurry and need to get to places and at this time, your key is not working correctly.

    Do not force your key!

    Forcing the key could break the key to pieces and leave the broken part inside of the keyhole.

    Check first if you have the correct key because you might simply be using the wrong key.

    However, if you noticed it late and your key is already stuck on your door lock.

    Do not move it any further.

    Call a residential locksmith at Oakville Locksmith Solutions to help remove the key from your keyhole.

    Door Latch Is Not Aligned

    When your door doesn’t shut properly and operate smoothly, this just means that you have a misaligned door latch and striking plate, which you will find to be incredibly frustrating.

    Improperly installed hinges, heat, and extreme weather conditions will also cause your door to be misaligned.

    If you find that your door latch is not aligned, a residential locksmith may be necessary.

    Call Oakville Locksmith Solutions for the best maintenance and repairs for your door latch.

    Who To Call For Your Door Lock Problems?

    These are the most common door lock problems by Oakville Locksmith Solutions.

    We do not encourage DIY, especially if you are not aware of the mechanisms of your door locks.

    If you are experiencing any door lock problems, just give us a call, and we will be there.

    We are available 24/7 for your door lock problems.

    No matter where you are in Oakville, or surrounding areas, we can send our commercial, residential, or auto locksmith to you.

    No matter what type of door lock problems you have, we have the solution here at Oakville Locksmith Solutions.

    You can be assured that our team of expert locksmiths can provide you with services that will exceed your expectations.

    Contact us now!

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