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    Proper door security is essential for any residential or commercial building in Oakville.

    To accomplish a reliable building security, you will need the help of trained locksmiths.

    Qualified and trained locksmiths have years of experience in the industry to perform a wide range of locksmith services.

    If you need a team of accredited locksmiths to help you with door home security, contact Oakville Locksmith Solutions.

    We offer efficient and reliable residential locksmith services in Oakville.

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    Tips for a well-secured door

    One of the fundamentals of property security to ensure that you have a good quality door.

    Supposing that you have the best lock in the world, but your door is weak, and then you are still at high security risk.

    There are many doors available in the market that are made of poor material.

    You should avoid these types of doors because they easily tear apart or fall off.

    In that case, intruders will easily be able to break into your house.

    Another tip to ensure proper door security is to get a piece of professional advice from a locksmith.

    Consulting the experts will lead you to the best possible option for your security.

    Additionally, you should also invest in front door security like CCTV and alarms.

    Top door locks

    Many of you may be wondering what type of door lock is suited for your building security.

    Well, you can choose between an electronic lock or a traditional one.

    Take note of the advantages and disadvantages these locks have to offer.

    Smart Locks vs Old Locks

    Traditional locks are the typical locks that we usually see in almost every door.

    This type of lock needs a mechanical key to open them.

    Old locks are more vulnerable to break-ins compared to smart locks.

    Experienced criminals can simply pick or snap your lock and enter your house in seconds.

    While some traditional locks have an anti-snap feature, they can still be picked.

    On the other hand, electronic and smart locks offer convenience.

    You can easily operate your smart locks if you have an internet connection.

    This means that you conveniently lock your door whenever you are.

    Additionally, smart locks offer a high level of security.

    Despite that, it doesn’t mean that electronic locks are invulnerable.

    There are still smart burglars and hackers out there who can bypass your smart lock system.


    In terms of convenience, smart locks will rise to the top.

    You don’t need a handful of keys to operate the smart lock.

    Smart locks can be connected to the internet or to Bluetooth.

    In this era, people always bring their phones with them.

    Just imagine how helpful electronic locks can be if you can easily control and monitor your door.

    A smart lock is pricey

    Normally, smart locks are more costly than old ones.

    Smart locks can start at $100 to $300 depending on the accessories and the setup you want.

    Electronic locks are more expensive because they offer more features of security compared to traditional locks.

    So, weigh out the pros and cons of having a smart lock, so you can better have proper door security.

    Smart locks may not change your life, but you can’t discredit that they will benefit you a lot.

    Look for the best locksmith

    Finding a professional locksmith is highly recommended for your door security.

    Trained locksmiths are the only ones you should trust to install a secure entryway.

    The expertise of locksmith allows them to provide you with the security and protection you need against intrusion and theft.

    In contrast, an amateur locksmith can rush the given job and use low-quality materials.

    This will leave your door unprotected from intruders.

    Moreover, you may end up paying more in the long run if you opt for an unskilled locksmith.

    So, don’t trust a locksmith if you feel that he is inexperienced.


    Having proper door security is very important for the sake of your protection and safety.

    In case you want to install a reliable security system on your door, contact Oakville Locksmith Solutions.

    We have a team of professional experts that will get the job done right and fast.

    We offer effective and reliable residential locksmith services for homeowners in Oakville.

    We also have auto locksmith services for your car.

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