Reasons Your Car Key Isn’t Working

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    Imagine that you’re running late for work.

    So, you immediately go to your car after dressing up, only to realize that your car key isn’t working.

    Getting locked out of your car, especially if you’re in a hurry, is frustrating and inconvenient.

    It’s not something you can fix on your own immediately.

    Rather, this problem calls for the expertise of auto locksmiths.

    There are many reasons your car key isn’t working, and we will tackle each one of them.

    If you experience problems with your car keys or locks, you can call us at Oakville Locksmith Solutions.

    With our emergency commercial locksmith service, our team will solve your problem as soon as possible.

    Call us now, and say goodbye to your lock problems in Oakville.

    Damaged Car Keys

    We often think that keys don’t easily chip or break because they are made of metal.

    In reality, car keys can be damaged if you don’t take care of them properly.

    If you own a traditional car key or a transponder key, there’s a high chance that the grooves will wear out after some time.

    Or, if you keep dropping your car keys on the floor, your keys will chip, bend, or even break.

    Since you cannot use a damaged key, you need to find a replacement by contacting your auto locksmith.

    Broken Car Lock

    The two most common parts of a lock that get damaged are the lock cylinder and lock assembly.

    To find out which one is the issue, you can try opening the lock with your key.

    If the lock turns but doesn’t open, the problem lies with the lock assembly.

    Alternatively, if you use both your key and key fob, and the door still won’t open, the cylinder is likely to be the issue.

    Car locks can wear out after long and continued use.

    They can also get damaged from strong impacts, such as collisions.

    Frost and debris can also render your car locks defective.

    If your lock is broken, you may not be able to enter your car even if you’re using a keyless remote.

    So, call your locksmith as soon as possible to help you fix the problem.

    Damaged Key Fob

    A key fob is another type of car key that doesn’t have a physical metal key.

    Instead, it’s like a remote that sends signals to your car.

    Key fobs are more prone to damage than the traditional metal keys.

    The buttons and internal components can wear down from heavy and repeated usage.

    Wires can also get frayed and damaged if you accidentally drop your key fob.

    If this happens, your key fob will be useless and unable to communicate with your car.

    Key Fob Batteries Problems

    Over time, your key fob batteries will wear out and die.

    This means you won’t be able to control and send signals to your car.

    If you notice that your car doesn’t respond to your key fob or keyless entry remote, check the batteries.

    If the batteries are dead, you can simply replace it, and your key fob will be back to its working condition.

    You’re Using a Poor Copied Key

    Another reason why your car won’t open is that you’re using a substandard duplicate key.

    Amateur locksmiths often create this error – they don’t exactly create a duplicate of your car key.

    As a result, the copied key is useless, and you just wasted your time and money.

    Defective Ignition Cylinder

    Your car key doesn’t only work with your car door lock.

    It also starts your car.

    So, if you were able to open your car, but not start it, the ignition cylinder may be the cause of the issue.

    Programming Issues

    This is a common problem faced by car owners who use keyless entry or transponder keys.

    Programming issues usually occur when you replace your car key remote or acquire a duplicate.

    You may have forgotten to program your key remote yet, that’s why it’s not working.

    What Should You Do If Your Car Key Isn’t Working?

    Contact your trusted locksmith immediately if you get locked out of your car because your car key isn’t working.

    If you book with us at Oakville Locksmith Solutions, our team will be at your place within the hour.

    We will assess your problem and determine the reason why your car key isn’t working.

    Then, we will troubleshoot the issue fast and correctly.

    Contact us now for reliable and efficient auto locksmith services.

    We also offer residential and commercial locksmith solutions in Oakville.

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