Rekeying Your Business in Oakville: What You Should Know

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    Every business or company in Oakville constantly needs the service of professional locksmiths.

    Throughout the life of your business, commercial locksmith services can come in handy to secure your workplace.

    One popular locksmith service your business may benefit from is the rekeying service.

    To learn more about rekeying your business in Oakville, and what you should know about it, continue reading below.

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    What is Rekeying Service For Businesses?

    Whether you’re just starting your business or it has been operational for some time, rekeying is an essential part of your security.

    For small businesses and beginners, if your building has been previously occupied, rekeying or changing your locks is necessary.

    Likewise, if you haven’t rekeyed or changed your locks in a long time, you should contact your locksmith to increase your workplace security.

    Commercial rekeying entails changing the lock pins of your locks.

    This means that you will now need a new key to operate your lock.

    Additionally, rekeying your locks will render the old key unusable.

    So, anyone who has a copy of the old key will no longer have access to your building or office.

    When Should You Rekey Your Locks?

    One thing you should know about rekeying your business in Oakville is when you need this type of service.

    Most locksmiths would advise you to rekey your locks at least annually.

    That way, you can ensure that no unauthorized person has access to your office, filing cabinets, or building.

    Listed below are some other instances wherein rekeying your locks is necessary for your business.

    Increase Workplace Security

    The main reason why you need to rekey your locks is to increase the security in your building.

    A secure workplace is a safe workplace.

    When your employees feel that they are safe and secure in their place of work, they can focus more on their tasks and be productive.

    Likewise, your security also impacts client confidence.

    They will come back and continue working with you if they feel that you value their security and welfare.

    So, if you think someone unauthorized has a key to your place of work, rekey your locks immediately to avoid any break-ins.

    You moved into an old building

    If your building has previous tenants, the old owners might still have a key to your place.

    And, who knows who else has access to your building?

    On this account, you should rekey your locks soon.

    After rekeying, people who previously have access to your building will no longer gain entry.

    You move into a new building

    Alternatively, even if your building is newly constructed, you also need to rekey.

    That’s because the construction contractor and real estate agent may still have a key to your building.

    You wouldn’t want them to pay an unauthorized visit to your workplace, right?

    You lost track of who has keys to your building

    Another reason why you should consider rekeying is if you haven’t changed your locks or lock pins for a while.

    There’s a high probability that you have given a copy of your keys to many people that you’ve lost count of them.

    If that’s the case, then rekeying your locks will give you a clean slate.

    Once your locks are rekeyed, the old key will no longer be usable, and you will have the authority to give your new keys to people you authorize.

    Why Should a Professional Rekey Your Locks?

    If you’re planning to have your locks in your building rekeyed, you should hire a reputable locksmith.

    Expert locksmiths offer reliable security solutions for businesses and commercial enterprises.

    If you choose an amateur or unskilled locksmith for your business security needs, you may not get the service quality you deserve.

    At Oakville Locksmith Solutions, it is our duty to provide your business with reliable and flawless locks and security systems.

    We offer a wide range of commercial locksmith services to guarantee the safety and security of your employees.

    Not only that, but we also offer residential and auto locksmith services in Oakville.

    Hire us, and let us take your security to the next level.

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