Reliable Locksmith Services For Property Managers In Oakville

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    If you’re a property manager, you should know that part of your job description is to ensure the security of your building.

    To perform this duty adequately, you should hire a reliable and trustworthy locksmith.

    Not only that, but you should also have your locksmith on your speed dial, in case you have a security or lock emergency.

    At Oakville Locksmith Solutions, we are every property manager’s partner in keeping your residential or commercial building secured.

    We offer a wide range of reliable locksmith services for property managers in Oakville.

    Whatever key or lock problem you have, our team will surely be able to fix the issue within the same day.

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    Key Cutting and Lockout Service

    We understand that your tenants or office staffs often lock themselves out.

    When this happens, our team will be ready to open the door without damaging it or its lock.

    Instead, we will study the locking mechanisms of your door in order to gain entry.

    We can also make a duplicate key to avoid any lock outs in the future.

    Additionally, if the reason why your tenants are locked out is that they lost their key, we can also make a key replacement.

    We cut durable and high quality keys if you need a new key or spare key.

    Lock Change Service

    Another service we can offer to property managers is our lock change service.

    Locks that are old and worn-out are not as reliable as new ones.

    If you have damaged and frail locks, you should consider changing your locks immediately.

    Through our lock change service, we can install the best type of lock for your property.

    We will also make sure that your new locks will not be easily penetrable by intruders and burglars.

    Rekeying Service

    Our rekeying service is one of the most in demand locksmith services for property managers in Oakville.

    This service is popular because many establishments rekey their units every after a tenant has moved out.

    Some tenants also request to have their locks rekeyed, if they feel that they are unsecured.

    As the property manager, you should have an on-call locksmith for your rekeying needs.

    When you let us rekey your locks, we will change the lock pins so that the old keys will no longer be useful.

    That way, you can reassure your clients that their place is secure.

    Additionally, you should also rekey if you think an unauthorized person has a key to your property.

    For example, an old cleaner or staff may still have access to your building.

    If you don’t want them to gain entry to you property, you need to rekey the locks in your property.

    Lockbox Installation

    Another locksmith service that property managers can benefit from is our lockbox installation service.

    Lockboxes are like small security safes or mailboxes for the residents in your building.

    We can supply, install, and repair lockboxes for your tenants.

    We can also open lockboxes if your client lost their key to their lockbox.

    Security Checking and Maintenance

    We also offer routine maintenance and assessment.

    We value your security in your residential or commercial building.

    That’s why our locksmiths will make sure that your locks are in perfect shape and good working condition.

    If you have security or lock issues, we will immediately troubleshoot them to prevent break-ins from happening.

    24/7 Emergency Locksmith Service

    As a property manager, it is vital that your trusted locksmith is available to provide urgent locksmith solutions.

    We are available 24/7 for emergency locksmith services.

    You can call us, even after work hours and on the weekends, to solve any lock and security problems in your property.

    Our team will provide you with prompt residential and commercial locksmith services.


    Property managers and locksmiths work together in ensuring the security and safety of your tenants.

    So, it is crucial that you know these reliable locksmith services for property managers in Oakville.

    That way, you know what services your locksmith has to offer.

    If you book with us, we guarantee you will receive the best security systems in town.

    We only install and supply reliable and high-quality locks and keys.

    We also make sure that every key we fabricate or duplicate works perfectly on your locks.

    Book with us now! Call us if you have any inquiries about our services and quotes.

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