Remote Keyless Systems Explained

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    Over 70% of the cars made today come up with a remote keyless entry system.

    RKE or remote keyless entry systems are used to open or close your car’s door and engine.

    It uses RF signals to communicate with your car.

    It contains a receiver inside the car and a fob transmitter.

    The RKE system is designed with the same function as a traditional key, but with less contact.

    Even though you are a few yards from your car, you can lock or unlock its doors by just pressing the right buttons.

    The remote keyless systems explained below should guide you in choosing your security options.

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    How Does a Remote Keyless Entry Work?

    RKE works by transmitting radio frequency signals from a remote transmitter to a receiver in the automobile.

    RF or radio frequency is transported as an encrypted data stream to your vehicle.

    Your car will then interpret the signal and execute the command.

    Some remote keyless entry systems are smart and automatic.

    This smart security system permits you to access your car without pressing any button.

    This means that RKE is more convenient and less problematic than using mechanical keys.

    You just need to be around five feet from your vehicle, and the doors will open instantly.

    When your car detects that your car key fob is close, your car will automatically unlock the door.

    Two Types Of Keyless Entry System

    There are two types of RKE.

    The first one is the active keyless entry system.

    This system transmits a signal to the receiver in the car, and then the system suddenly disarms.

    In contrast, the passive RKE system transmits a signal to the car, but it requires a response from the key first before it disarms.

    How to Design Your Remote Keyless System Properly

    Locksmiths must consider how to create a reliable RKE system that is energy-efficient.

    This is important, especially when you want to achieve a good range at a low price.

    The battery of your system is an important factor.

    This is because both the transmitter and receiver need to be functional all the time to communicate with each other.

    If you are wondering how to design your RKE system correctly, we have a team of professionals in Oakville to get the job done.

    Benefits Of Having A Keyless System

    One benefit of having an RKE system is increased protection.

    Keyless entry gives you an additional security feature, since the key that secures your vehicle, trunk, and engine cannot be duplicated.

    On the contrary, traditional keys can be lost or stolen anytime.

    So, your security with an RKE system is less likely to be compromised.

    Moreover, this remote keyless system will allow you to enter your car easily, if you are in danger.

    Another advantage of having a keyless system is convenience.

    You no longer have to manually insert a key to the keyhole, and just simply press a button on your remote key.

    This makes it easier for you to load and unload your groceries.

    RKE also offers automated locking.

    Imagine if you forgot to lock your car’s door when you were in a rush.

    Your car can be easily accessed or stolen by burglars.

    With this keyless system, you can lock your vehicle, whether you are in your living room or your workplace.

    Just press the button, and you will effortlessly close your unlocked car.

    Disadvantages of Keyless Entry Systems

    Like anything else, keyless systems also have their downsides.

    Unlike the traditional keys, the RKE system is much more expensive.

    If you lose them, it will cost you a lot of money.

    Additionally, RKE requires battery changing so that you can avoid system failure.


    Now that the remote keyless systems are explained, you should be able to find the best type of security system for your vehicle.

    If you want to install a reliable RKE system, contact Oakville Locksmith Solution.

    We offer affordable and high-quality auto locksmith services for you to enjoy.

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