Should I Replace Or Repair Keyfob

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    Car key fobs are electronic key remotes that can unlock your door, start your car’s engine, and send commands to your car.

    They are more sensitive compared to traditional keys, so they can easily be damaged if you drop them.

    If you have a broken car key fob, you can either repair or replace them.

    Finding the right locksmith to get the job done fast and correctly is very important.

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    What are Car Key Fobs?

    Modern cars today have additional security and convenience features.

    This is because they use a keyless entry system in the form of a key fob.

    A car key fob is a remote key that enables you to lock or unlock your car door by just pressing the correct button.

    Additionally, it also allows you to start your car keyless.

    Almost all modern cars today don’t have any keyhole for the ignition to start, so you can use your key fob to activate your car engine.

    If you want to forget the traditional keys, the key fob is suited for you.

    Take note, however, that car key fobs can be expensive, and their repair can also be pricey.

    So, ask yourself “Should I replace or repair the key fob?” if your car remote has been damaged.

    Here are a few steps that might help you answer your question.

    Check Your Key Fob First

    Check first if your key fob performs all the necessary functions.

    If your car doesn’t respond to your key fob, the problem may either lie in your car’s computer system or battery.

    You can change your key fob’s battery or try to reset your key fob to check which is the problem.

    Signs That Your Key Fob Is Failing

    A keyless car remote can send a signal within 50 feet of range.

    However, decreased signal strength is one of the many failure cases of a key fob.

    In some instances, the battery wears out and reduces the signal strength of the fob.

    If you observe that your key fob is malfunctioning, it’s time to change your battery.

    Additionally, several click attempts are also a sign that your fob is failing.

    If your fob functions well, one click is enough.

    However, if you continuously click and nothing happens, it might be a sign that your battery is dead and needs to be replaced.

    Change your battery immediately if it’s not responding to any function.

    But, if you change the battery, but your key fob is still non-functional, contact a locksmith to assess the issue.

    Your question “Should I replace or repair key fob” will depend on the assessment of your locksmith.

    Do Not Try To DIY

    In case your key fob has been damaged, you cannot simply go to a store and buy equipment to repair your fob.

    You can make things worse if you did something wrong.

    So, it’s best to let professional locksmiths do the job.

    Check If There Is A Valet Key

    A valet key is just an extra key that comes up with every car.

    Although cars today have a key fob for opening doors or starting the ignition, some still have a valet key.

    Usually, this key is hidden inside your key fob.

    Just press the small button in the back or side to release the valet key.

    Yet, you might not clearly see the keyhole for the valet key.

    Read your car’s manual to find the location of the keyhole.

    It can be in a small panel on your door handle, or it could be in your car’s dashboard.

    Replacing Your Key Fob

    Heavy use of your key fob can result in system malfunctioning.

    Because of that, most car owners suffer from this problem.

    If your key fob is accidentally damaged and it cannot be repaired, replacing is your only option.

    However, a key fob replacement is pricey, because the whole key system must be replaced.


    There are various reasons why your key fob is malfunctioning, but the important part is you should have an extra fob for this kind of situation.

    If you ever want to get a new keyless remote, contact Oakville Locksmith Solutions.

    We offer quick and reliable auto locksmiths services.

    We also have commercial and residential locksmiths for your house doors.

    Do not think twice, and call us now!

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