Things To Consider Before Installing a Smart Lock

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    Technology has been around for decades now.

    One of the popular technologies today is the smart lock, which is an automatic or keyless door lock.

    Imagine that you will no longer need traditional keys that you keep losing over time.

    A smart lock is a type of electromechanical lock that requires instructions from an authorized smart device before it can unlock.

    However, it doesn’t mean that smart locks are flawless.

    Nonetheless, this is a good investment if you keep losing your old keys.

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    A Smart Lock Can Benefit You

    One of the things to consider before installing a smart lock is how it could benefit you.

    Assuming you’ve experienced locking yourself out of your home, it is now in the past.

    All smart locks offer different features.

    But the one thing they have in common is that they’ll turn your old locks into an automatic one.

    All you need to do is remember the code, and you can instantly enter your house without any trouble.

    Additionally, if you are hiring contractors, you can give them a temporary code so that they can continue working even though you aren’t home.

    The same can be done to any business property.

    Furthermore, smart locks can lower your home insurance, and it could be your unique offering when you sell your home.

    Lastly, if you feel that your door is left unlocked, you just can simply check or lock the door remotely.

    Consider If Your Smart Lock Will Fit Your Door

    Not all types of doors are compatible with a smart lock.

    First, check the deadbolt of your door if it opens and closes smoothly.

    Doors that have an extra force or some adjustments don’t fit with smart locks.

    This is because you don’t want a smart lock to function with high supervision, especially if it is remotely operated.

    Due to that, expert locksmiths check first the jamb if it can receive the lock.

    After fixing the problem, your locksmiths will then install your smart locks and verify that everything is working great.

    Smart Lock Connections

    Most of the home devices have different means of connecting to your phone, just like smart locks.

    Broadly, many smart locks can be connected via Bluetooth.

    However, one of the disadvantages of a Bluetooth connection is that it only has a limited range of connectivity.

    This means that you need to be within the range of your lock to effectively use it.

    But, some smart locks are internet enabled.

    They use Z wave, which commonly requires a Wi-Fi hub that authorizes you to control your smart locks through your phone.

    With a lower power consumption, Z wave technology is effectively sufficient with a better range of 120 feet.

    Now, you can fully control your smart locks even though you are on vacation.

    All you need to do is to have an internet connection for it to work.

    So, if you aren’t home, you can use the internet to control your lock.

    But, if you are close to your door, you can easily switch to Bluetooth.

    Ways To Unlock Your Smart Door

    Smart locks have different designs, which means that there are various ways to unlock them as well.

    Many electronic locks are keyless, but a big ratio still has a keyhole.

    This gives you the option to choose between handy keys or smart remote in case you forgot your code.

    Thus, you need to be sure that you are comfortable with this new device.

    Smart Locks Also Have Downsides

    Take note that smart locks are life-changing, but they are not perfect.

    Having this digitalized or connection-enabled device is effective, but not always secure.

    For example, some hackers can attack your smart lock system and compromise your security.


    Installing a smart lock doesn’t mean you are safe from intruders, because some cyber hackers can ruin your smart lock system.

    But, smart keys can make your life more convenient.

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