What Is Smart Lock? Should I Install One?

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    You know that the danger is all around us, and there is no guarantee for everyone’s safety when you are not around.

    Your security should be a major priority for your buildings and establishments.

    Since it concerns your family, your business, and belongings that you worked hard for to have, there is no such thing as being too safe when it comes to your family.

    By just having a Smart Lock, you already put an additional layer of protection to everything and everyone.

    And here in Oakville, there is no better one to do the job but your residential locksmith, Oakville Locksmith Solutions.

    Features of a Smart Lock

    A smart lock is a smart home device that can be either Wi-Fi or Bluetooth-operated.

    It gives you all-around control over your homes with capabilities surpassing ordinary locks and customization features that fit whatever you need.

    Using one lets you unlock your door just by a code, a simple voice command, or a single tap of a finger.

    For example, you have kids who are old enough to go home by themselves, and you may be worried that they might lose their keys, so one solution would be just to give them a code!

    Now you will have no worries if your kids cannot get into your house as it will also keep track of your kids when they get home.

    Smart locks also allow remote access.

    Let’s say you are not sure when you locked your door when you left for work this morning.

    Just by simply checking your smartphone, you can see whether you had closed your door or not, and if not, by just a press of a button, you can lock your door, so rest easy!

    Intrigued by these features and want to install a smart lock for your homes? Call Oakville Locksmith Solutions!

    Smart Lock Concerns

    Here are some concerns and solutions from Oakville Locksmith Solutions:

    Can my smart lock be hacked?

    Yes, it can be, but not to worry, for Oakville Locksmith Solutions will help you secure your smart lock, we will teach you how to prevent hackers from hacking onto your smart lock.

    We will also assist you in setting up your Wi-Fi system using the best security practices and even advise you always to use complex passwords since your internet connection interconnects all smart devices.

    Are smart locks pricey?

    It depends on your customizations like the brand, the model, and the features you would like to have.

    It can cost you anywhere from $100 and above.

    How do I get inside my house if the electricity goes out?

    Our smart locks also come with the traditional key port, so you don’t have to worry about not getting inside your house when your internet connection or electricity is down.

    We at Oakville Locksmith Solutions are aware of these concerns, and we also have our solutions when these situations happen, so don’t hesitate to call us.

    A Brand New Way To Open Your Door

    You may not need a smart lock, which is fine, but having one will make your life easier and enhance your control over your security even when you are not home.

    Just imagine going home and unlocking your door just by saying ‘open sesame.’

    How fun would that be?

    With the smart lock’s voice command feature, you can do just that.

    Depending on the model that you pick for your smart lock, you can lock and unlock your door keyless.

    You can also set your smart lock to auto-lock, putting up the bolt to your door as you leave for your work.

    You can wave your smartphones, face them to your smart locks, and tap the controls on your app to lock or unlock them.

    You can also do a combination of these options to lock and unlock your doors, and by doing so, you won’t be troubled if one option does not work.

    With all the people who keep coming and going, the smart lock can also give you alerts about everyone, and it will save a history, so you have an idea who goes and when they left or came home.

    Who To Call For Your Smart Lock Concerns?

    If you are looking for commercial, residential, or auto locksmith services, call Oakville Locksmith Solutions.

    With years of experience, our team will provide you with the different locksmith services that you need.

    With our employees’ skills and knowledge, we can offer you the best services in Oakville.

    We are available 24/7 for your emergency locksmith needs.

    Because here at Oakville Locksmith Solutions, whatever problem you may be in, we are the solution for you.

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