Mechanical Locks Vs. Electronic Locks

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    We are now going through a new age of technology; everything around us is now going digital.

    As the world is changing, modern security is also changing, and even our door locks are not an exception.

    Gone are the days of having only mechanical locks as your only option.

    Now you can see varying types of locks when you go to your residential locksmiths.

    From old-fashioned locks to very modern electronic locks, whichever you may prefer, they both serve one purpose, and that is to provide you with safety and security that you can trust.

    In this article, we will show you the difference between mechanical locks vs. electronic locks.

    Knowing these differences will help you choose which type of lock you would want in your home.

    If you are looking for a reliable residential locksmith that can install your mechanical and electronic locks, we’re sure this article can help you with that.

    You can contact Oakville Locksmith Solutions, and they will hook you up with the door lock that fits your style.

    Mechanical Locks

    This type of lock is what comes to your mind when you think of a door lock, these are the standard door locks, and they are around for a hundred years now.

    They are 100% operated without the help of electricity or batteries, and when you only want simple security, the mechanical lock should be your go-to door lock.

    Pros of using a mechanical door lock include:

    • Very easy to operate
    • Weather-resistant
    • Reliability since the 1800s
    • Mechanical locks have a longer lifespan
    • It does not require electricity

    Cons of using a mechanical door lock include:

    • Mechanical locks are not as modern as electronic locks
    • It does not provide a record of the door access
    • Need the help of a residential locksmith if it is not malfunctioning
    • Requires replacement every time you lost your keys

    Electronic Locks

    As the dawn of the new age comes, new security threats also surfaced.

    What resulted was the rise of the latest security technology to counter the new security threats and weaknesses.

    This is the improvement of our mechanical door locks onto electronic door locks, and it changed the game for our home security.

    We no longer need a key to access our doors, and just by connecting your electronic locks to your smartphone, you can access other automation features.

    Pros of using an electronic door lock include:

    • Increased lock combinations than standard mechanical locks for additional security
    • You can easily add or change your combinations
    • Easy to access in the dark with its keys lit up
    • It is also weather-resistant
    • You will be able to monitor when your doors are accessed
    • You will also have a record of the people who accessed your door
    • Can auto-lock your doors if you wanted to

    Cons of using an electronic door lock include:

    • It can be electricity or battery-powered
    • You will temporarily not open your door when its power is lost
    • Requires knowledge to operate
    • Requires a residential locksmith when the electronic door lock malfunctions

    Important Features


    If we are talking about security, both mechanical and electronic door locks will do the job.

    You just have to look for the appropriate graded locks suited for your situation.

    Commercial settings use a Grade 1 lock which is the best-graded lock there is.

    Grade 2 is described as the standard for light-commercial applications.

    And grade 3 has the lowest rating but is just perfect for residential applications.

    But if we have to choose between mechanical locks vs. electronic locks, we will select our electronic door locks.

    No More Keys

    Electronic door locks do not require keys to work, and especially if you live an active lifestyle, keys can be a hassle.

    For example, when you go to a run, your keys keep on bouncing on your pockets, or when you go home after grocery shopping, your hands will be full of groceries, and you certainly don’t want to go fumbling around for your keys.

    The electronic door lock also has a back-lit keypad, so there is no trouble when you are in the dark.

    We can say that the electronic door locks win in terms of this feature with all this considered.

    Not Getting Locked Out

    Do you remember how many times you locked yourself out when your door suddenly shuts?

    With your keys left inside, you have no more way of getting back inside except to call your residential locksmiths.

    And if you are looking for a residential locksmith, Oakville Locksmith Solutions got you covered.

    But if you have an electronic door lock, you will have other ways to get back inside your locked door.

    Electronic door locks such as the smart lock have tons of methods and access codes that you can try.

    It has remote capabilities, and you only use your smartphones for the majority of its features.

    A few taps, and you will be back inside your locked house.

    Access Control

    Electronic door locks are much better for access control.

    Instead of carrying many keys around for your doors, now you only have to bring your smartphone.

    Electronic door locks also allow you to monitor any movement that goes through your doors.

    You just use the app to see what is happening to your electronic door locks.


    Both the mechanical door locks and the electronic door locks have a wide range of costs.

    Mechanical door locks, however, are much less expensive than electronic door locks.

    It is, however, compromises your security if you choose a much cheaper lock.

    A cheap lock is more likely to break faster and wear down quicker.

    So it will be much better for you to choose a quality door lock to prevent always spending on cheap door lock replacements.

    Smart Home Compatibility

    This one goes to the electronic door locks as the mechanical locks cannot connect to anything.

    If convenience and automation are vital for you, electronic door locks are the way to go.

    Just make sure that you pay attention to which technologies your electronic door lock is compatible with within your home.

    Who To Do Next?

    Our commercial, residential, and auto locksmiths at Oakville Locksmith Solutions can install your preferred door lock.

    Wherever you might be in Oakville, we can provide you our services.

    With years of experience and our locksmiths’ knowledge and skills, we are here to make your best and educated decisions on your preferred door lock.

    Mechanical locks vs. electronic locks, whatever you choose, choose Oakville Locksmith Solutions.

    We are available 24/7 for your door lock needs and services.

    Contact us now!

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