Panic Bar Installation

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    Looking for a Panic Bar Installation Service Near You?

    In emergencies, such as fire and earthquake, having easy-to-unlock doors can save lives.

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    In commercial establishments where people often crowd, a panic bar door is the top primary door choice among business owners.

    A panic bar door has a spring-loaded metal bar secured horizontally to the door.

    And by pressing the metal bar, it unlatches the door and allows people to exit quickly.

    So basically, a panic bar door uses a metal bar as a lock compared to the button of the typical doorknob.

    It is more convenient to push a bar than turn a doorknob, especially for doors that experience heavy traffic.

    So, if you own a business here in Oakville, a panic bar door is the wiser choice.

    As much as you care for this commercial door, you should do the same to its lock.

    A damaged or broken panic bar door lock can endanger the lives of people in case of emergencies.

    If you live in Oakville, Oakville Locksmith Solutions can provide locksmith services in your panic bar door lock at your request.

    Our commercial locksmith is knowledgeable and skilled when it comes to a panic bar door lock.

    Panic Bar Lock Installation

    Installing a panic bar door lock is not a DIY task.

    Only a commercial locksmith should do the job.

    The mechanism of a panic bar door lock is more complicated than you think.

    It needs the high-valued skills and advanced equipment of a commercial locksmith.

    Note that hiring unskilled individuals can only result in damages and faults.

    Luckily, Oakville Locksmith Solutions provide bespoke and thorough installation of a panic bar door lock.

    With years of experience as our pride, we are the best lock installers in Oakville.

    Panic Bar Lock Repair

    Panic bar door locks experience stress every day as your business relies on customers to enter your premises.

    Like typical locks, a panic bar door lock can also suffer from damages due to wear and tear or a massive impact.

    How do you know if your panic bar door is in danger?

    Here are some of the signs of a damaged or broken panic bar door lock:

    • The metal bar lock gets stuck when pushed.
    • The lock is unresponsive.
    • The lock’s internal mechanism is jammed.
    • There’s a misalignment between the vertical rod or strike plate and the bolt.

    If you experience these situations, don’t hesitate to call for backup.

    Oakville Locksmith Solutions can detect faults and damages with our advanced techniques.

    Then, after finding these faults, we can do the necessary repairs flawlessly and limitless.

    No matter what lock mechanism it is, we have the right tools to finish the job.

    Panic Bar Lock Inspection and Maintenance

    With its easy-to-unlock feature, a panic bar door can save lives.

    Thus, you need to check its condition once in a while to ensure that it is working well.

    As commercial locksmith professionals, we advise you to let an expert inspect your panic bar door lock at least once a year.

    That way, you can ensure that your panic bar door lock is at its top shape.

    Our commercial locksmith in Oakville is knowledgeable and skilled enough to conduct a detailed and comprehensive inspection.

    Wash your worries away as you can trust Oakville Locksmith Solutions for excellent panic bar lock maintenance.

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    Here are some of our locksmith services in Oakville:

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