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    Security is one of the essential things you need to consider to avoid any unnecessary event from happening.

    Research shows that intruders target houses that have a weak security system.

    Because of that, your essential things and your family might be in danger.

    If you move to your new house, make sure to change your lock or re-key it.

    If you want to alter your old lock pins, call Oakville Locksmith Solutions.

    Our company will provide you the best lock service from our professional experts.

    We offer quick and reliable residential services.

    We also have commercial and auto locksmith services.

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    What Is A Lock Rekeying

    A lock rekeying is changing your old pins to prevent anyone from gaining access to your house.

    Additionally, altering your lock pins is done by changing parts of your lock from inside.

    To put it simply, you can still have your old lock, but if you rekeyed it to a professional locksmith they will make you a new set of keys to operate your old lock.

    Every set of lock has a series of pins that matches to an exact key.

    However, if you change those pins, it means you will get a new set of keys that will operate your old lock.

    Nevertheless, it may sound hard to do, but it will take a few minutes for a professional locksmith to get the job done with the right tools.

    To do the rekeying process, locksmiths must have your old lock’s corresponding key.

    Without the matching key, a professional locksmith needs to pick your lock to open the inside part of it.

    However, if a locksmith picks your lock, expect them to be more expensive rather than changing your lock.

    Altering the pins of your locks doesn’t harm the security of it, but it will make you feel more secure.

    Because of that, you will be much safer from burglars and criminals.

    When Will You Need To Re-key Your Lock

    One reason is if you move to a new house, it is necessary to re-key your lock because the former homeowner might have a copy of your key.

    If you don’t want anyone to disturb you or might break into your house, re-keying is the solution.

    Another reason is that when you lost your key, anyone can pick that up and it might fell into the wrong hands.

    Because of that, burglars might find a way to rob you, or worse is to harm you.

    That is why we recommend rekeying your lock immediately in case you lost your original copy.

    Call your trusted locksmith to assist you and help you improve your home security.

    Our locksmiths in Oakville will enhance your security quickly and effectively.

    Advantages Of Lock Rekeying

    One benefit of altering your lock is improving your home security.

    Lock rekeying is much faster and less expensive rather than changing your entire lock.

    Intruders nowadays can effortlessly enter any house because of a weak security system.

    Additionally, because of your compromised system, intruders can gain access to your house anytime they want.

    Because of that, they might steal your valuable things and your confidential files that can expose your identity and put you at risk.

    However, a situation like this can be avoided by simply rekeying your lock after moving into a new place.

    A rekeying is suited for you if you still want to have your old lock.

    When your lock has been rekeyed and has a new set of keys, you can give your spare key to your trusted neighbor or family member.

    Because of that, you don’t need to worry again in case you lost your original copy.

    Lock Rekeying Services In Oakville

    You need a company that is reliable and can provide you a quick solution to your lock problems.

    That company is Oakville Locksmith Solutions.

    Safety and security of customers is our company’s first and topmost priority, because of that our recent customers gave us 100% of reliable services.

    Our locksmiths have the skills and knowledge to get the job done perfectly.

    We offer efficient and dependable residential locksmith services.

    We also have lock changing services and auto locksmith services.

    We are 24 hours and seven days open.

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